Attachment Rotator

Standard Equipment

The attachment rotator makes it possible to rotate the attachment 360° continuously (endlessly) in both directions. This is useful in many jobs, for instance when emptying boxes that need to be turned upside down.

Like the tilt adapters, the rotator mounts between the attachment and the loader’s attachment coupling plate. It is equipped with a hydraulic motor and a slewing ring that allow the 360° rotation. Load capacity is 1.200 kg, and when mounted on the rotator the attachment is 195 mm further away from the loader’s attachment coupling plate.

The attachment rotator is basically intended to be used with non-hydraulic attachments like pallet fork and it is equipped with the multi-connector as standard, but also a hydraulically driven attachment (4 in 1 bucket, grabbing tool, etc.) can be mounted. In this case, the loader must be equipped with the optional second auxiliary hydraulics front outlet. Hydraulic hoses of the attachments are mounted on the standard multi-connector and the rotator hoses on the extra front outlet.

  • Hydraulic rotator makes it possible to empty boxes by turning them upside down, lifting of pallets on uneven ground, turning the attachment 360°, etc.
  • Mounts between the attachment and the quick attach plate of the loader


360° continuous 1200 kg 96 kg

Compatible Models

  • Very Compatible
  • Compatible
  • Incompatible
Model Model
220 225
225LPG 313S
320S 420 & 423
520 523
525LPG 528
530 R20
R28 R35
630 635
640 745
750 755I
760I 850
860I e5

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