Beehive Mover

Standard Equipment

Avant beehive mover is intended basically for loading and transporting of beehive boxes, but it can handle other objects like cardboard boxes as well. The mover can carry as many as 12 beehives at a time. It consists of a mast, a pallet fork that is mounted on the lower end of the mast, and a hydraulic grapple at the upper end of the mast which presses the boxes against the pallet fork. The grapple is equipped with rubber pads which hold the beehives firmly but gently.

The beehive mover can be mounted on all Avant loaders, and if the beehives need to be transported longer distances by truck it is easy to take the Avant on the truck as well and unload and move the beehives at the destination.


The grapple can be set to five different heights between 425 – 1365 mm following the height of the load, and the vertical movement of the grapple is 340 mm. Distance between the rubber pads can be set manually to four different widths between 280 – 730 mm. Max. load on the beehive mover is 1000 kg and max. pressing force is 18 kN, which means it can handle other materials that are on pallet as well. Especially lighter boxes and similar objects which don’t stay on the pallet without support are easy to hande with the beehive mover.


Beehive Mover
Max. load 1000 kg
Max. pressing force 18 kN
Pallet fork length 850 mm
Grabbing width 280–730 mm (four widths can be set manually)
Grapple height 425–1365 mm (five heights can be set manually)
Grapple cylinder stroke 340 mm
Height 1950 mm
Width 1000 mm
Length 960 mm
Weight 160 kg
Product number A36935

Compatible Models

  • Very Compatible
  • Compatible
  • Incompatible
Model Model
220 225
225LPG 313S
320S 420 & 423
520 523
525LPG 528
530 R20
R28 R35
630 635
640 745
750 755I
760I 850
860I e5

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