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Standard Equipment

Innovative design with the tail always remaining within the width of the tracks (girosagoma Zero Tail Swing).

Suspension and adjustable operator’s seat increases productivity by providing optimum comfort.

Travel levers and server-controls disabling system by armrest lifting prevents accidents due to unexpected machine movement during entry or exit from the driving place.

Extraordinary manoeuvrability due to the use of pilot assisted controls (joy-sticks) to operate arms and buckets.

Straight travel contemporary with all arms/bucket manoeuvring.

Rollers and idler wheels with rolling bearings replacing the guide bushings for a remarkable increasing in the traction and life time performances.

The round shape design recalls the other models of the range, thus creating a continuity of style and image.

Cab with heating system according to TOPS norms.

Standard bucket of mm 600 (SAE capacity lt. 157) 2-speeds travel electric switch.

Regenerative system on dipstick arm.

1550 mm. Long dipstick.

Hydraulic Power Take-Off (P.T.O.).

Automatic transmission system.

Operator’s and spare parts manuals.

Technical Information


Engine Power

Dipping Depth


Technical Data

Make and model Kubota V2403M-T TURBO Max power at 2700 rpm (DIN 6271) 59 / 44 HP/Kw
Rated horse power at 2200 rpm 52 / 38 HP/Kw Cyclinders N° 4
Displacement 2434 cm3 Cooling Water
Battery N° 1 - 12 V - 105Ah Fuel tank capacity 80 lt
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 50 lt N. 1 gear pump 60 x 2 + 45 Lt/min
Total delivery 165 Lt/min Auxiliary hydraulic flow for (P.T.O) 105 Lt/min
Max working pressure 250/220 bar Track type and width rubber 400 mm
Track bearing rollers N° 5+5 low/1+1 up Track tensioning Grease
Dozer blade 370 x 2070 mm Shipping weight 5100 kg
Operating weight 5250 kg Break out force 3970 daN
Digging force 2900 daN Travel speed 2.7 / 4.7 Km/h
Max gradient capability over 100 % Specific ground pressure 0.330 kg/cm²

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