S30 Flail Mower with Hydraulic Side Arm

Standard Equipment

The hydraulic sidearm with S30 quick-attach system can be fitted with attachments with corresponding S30 brackets, for instance, the 1200 mm flail mower. It allows mowing on the right side of the loader. The sidearm is equipped with a straight telescopic arm and a tilting jib arm, which allows easy mowing of road banks and gradients as well.

The telescopic arm extends max. 1,0 m hydraulically to the side, which means that the outreach of the 1200 mm flail mower is max. 2,9 m from the center of the loader. The jib arm movement is max. 45° down and 90° up from the horizontal position. Telescope and jib arm movement speeds are adjustable. The jib arm floats hydraulically upwards, but not downwards.

When working, the attachment which is mounted on the arm (flail mower for example) remains in the position where it raised by an obstacle.

The sidearm is equipped with a hydraulic release mechanism, and the hydraulic release pressure can be adjusted and measured. The attachment which is mounted on the sidearm will give in backward when it hits an obstacle. The sidearm will come back to normal position as soon as the attachment is tilted downwards.

When fitted with the 1200 mm flail mower, Avant 180 kg side weight kit A49063 is necessary at the other end of the sidearm in order to keep the unit in balance.

The loader must also be equipped with the optional Opticontrol for operating the flail mower.

The 1200 mm flail mower with S30 quick attach bracket mounts only on the S30 hydraulic side arm A424552. It cannot be mounted on the attachment coupling plate of the loader – and on the other hand the flail mowers A36730 and A36015 cannot be mounted on the hydraulic sidearm.


2900 mm 1200 mm 680 kg (incl. 180 kg side weights A49063)

Compatible Models

  • Very Compatible
  • Compatible
  • Incompatible
Model Model
220 225
225LPG 313S
320S 420 & 423
520 523
525LPG 528
530 R20
R28 R35
630 635
640 735
745 750
755I 760I
850 860I
e5 e6

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