Silage Block Cutter

Standard Equipment

Powerful and robust silage cutters with two hydraulic cylinders. With the silage cutter, you can easily cut silage directly from the silo and take it to the cattle. Cutting blades are made of special steel; they cut very efficiently and leave a clean and even surface in the silo. This prevents air getting into silage and warming up. Thanks to the open design of the cutting blade visibility during silage distribution is very good. Lower tines are made of hardened steel.


1000 mm 1300 mm A21276
245 kg 280 kg A21257

Compatible Models

  • Very Compatible
  • Compatible
  • Incompatible
Model Model
220 225
225LPG 313S
320S 420 & 423
520 523
525LPG 528
530 R20
R28 R35
630 635
640 735
745 750
755I 760I
850 860I
e5 e6

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